Become a Betting Expert With These 11 Strategies

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Most of the strategies in this article are designed for sports betting.

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By Emma Luanski


Betting strategies are important for the people who want to take betting to the next level and make a living off it. People that want to become a betting expert in this field will commit time to understand the different strategies. 

Betting can often be unpredictable; that’s why having a betting strategy can make all the difference. You’ll get more structure and are likely to win far more games.

Over time you will learn what strategies work for you and the ones that don’t work. You’ll establish a model that makes betting profitable and simple for you. As a betting expert in this field, you will separate yourself from the competition. 

This is so important because the betting companies have already implemented strategies themselves and will use them to their advantage.

“Become a betting expert by finding the right strategy.”



As we mentioned above, it can be hard to implement all the strategies at once. You have to take one strategy at a time. That way, you can grow as a bettor and become an excellent betting expert! So.. where do you start?

  1. First of all, get an understanding of the existing strategies. Betting Sprout covers a big line of betting strategies, and we hope it will set the foundation of your plans and strategies.
  1. Lookup news and updates on the betting market and what you want to bet on. A betting expert will never make this mistake. Be ready for new trends that can make you some extra cash, and on the other hand, make sure to jump out of trends that end. You also have to know that the trends are legit and backed up by data and facts.
  2. Now that you have an idea of what you should bet on, look at different factors that can influence your bets. If we talk about sports betting, a simple difference in the stadium can influence if the game is going your way or the other. 
  3. After choosing a technique, the following stage is to test and change. Test your strategy with small stakes and improve them based on the results you get. Now you have the chance to adjust different variables and remove bad ones that can affect the outcome. A betting expert will always look, adjust, and adapt to win more games.

Here we got a list of the most profitable expert betting strategies. In this betting expert guide, we want to keep it nice and easy. Understand the different concepts and feel free to look more in-depth on each category, let’s begin!


We got many betting strategies out there, but the most popular one is the Back & Lay strategy. Back Bets comes to hand when you bet on a certain outcome of an event/game. Lay Bets on the other side is when you bet against the same outcome. A betting expert will take advantage of both strategies and look at what he/she should go for before the Betts go in. This strategy is an exciting model because you can sell and deal with your bets on bookmakers like Betfair.


Handicap is mostly used when you expect someone to win, Easy. You basically give the team that is supposedly weaker an advantage and expect the “best” team to overcome this advantage. By this method, you can get higher odds for teams who have a higher chance of winning. This type of betting expert strategy goes into almost every sport (rugby, basketball, American football, etc.) People love risk because of one thing: you get more out of it. That’s why every betting expert takes advantage of this strategy from time to time.

As we mentioned above, as long as the game is separated into two periods or more, you can use this strategy in various sports. 


betting money

Very similar to the stock market, you can put your bets against possible losses through buying and selling other bets. One of the most “well known” companies that offer these kinds of bets is Betfair. If you want to take a deeper look at what this has to offer, visit Betfair for more info.


The multi bet strategy is about gaining high combined odds by adding several single bets to just one bet (we call these “legs.”). Have in mind that the more “legs” you’re adding, the risk of losing increases. Multi bets are mostly used in football, but you can make good money if you use this strategy on other sports as well.


Since 2010 this expert betting strategy has gained interest in live bets that are being watched and where the bets are available. The further the games go without any outcome, the bigger the odds of no goal to be scored gets. You have the opportunity to bet on the current standings and earn a good amount of profits.



In general Lucky 15 bet belongs to the group of system bets. To take part in this strategy, you have to find 4 games that you want to bet on. Based on these 4 games, you have to build 15 different bets. 6 doubles, 4 single bets, 4 trebles and 1 quady. In the end to get 15 different bets.


This type of expert betting strategy is easy to explain. You have to tell if the score during the game was lower or higher than the expected score. You can usually only bet on the specific number of goals scored during the match (for example: football). Every person who wants to try out this betting method can bet on mostly anything that is countable. You can not only bet on football, but other sports like basketball and tennis. 

We love this strategy and had to add this one to the betting expert list!


In both wincast and scorcast, you have to bet on a player that you think will score a goal. In the betting expert article, we look at the difference between the strategies:

  • In scorecast bets, you have to find out the exact result of the game.
  • In wincast bets, you can simply just bet on the winning team.

In the end, you need a bit of luck to win in both strategies. If you have knowledge about the different teams playing against each other, you’ll have an advantage.


In this expert betting strategy, you will win through different combinations of specific single bets that are placed through different bookmakers. In order to make money with this strategy, you have to find the best deals from different bookmakers and have an understanding of these bets. It will help if you learn more about the different tactics within surebets.


Betting picture of cards and a table

Yankee or System bets are very interesting when it comes to risky bets. This betting strategy is very similar to multi-bets since they both require more the one selection. The difference here is that System bets you can still make money when one of your selections loses. When we look at multi-bets, on the other hand, that’s not the case.


In this article, we had one goal for you: get one step closer to becoming a betting expert. We mentioned 11 different strategies for you to try out and make a good profit from. If you want this to go your way, we want to give you one last piece of advice; try the strategies that suit you, practice, adapt, and you will see results! Good luck becoming a betting expert 😉

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