Why You Need a Go Bet Mindset When Betting

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The Go Bet mindset will take you to victory.

Michael Luansk

By Michael Luanski


This article covers the Go Bet mentality and why it’s important to implement when betting on sport or other betting activities. We will talk about practical betting tips. What leagues you should play in, frequencies and factors to know about to form a profitable and solid betting strategy. This will transform your Go Bet mindset from 0-100!


We believe that the biggest reason it’s so hard to win at sports betting is that the human brain is not programmed to capture all the challenges and situations in this activity. When the survival instincts kick in, this will do more harm than good under an activity like betting. 


From the past and in our everyday lives, the way to survive is to play things safe. This does not comply with betting environments and can be the reason for your next loss in betting.

“Your mindset is the key”



One of the words that can describe betting is adversity. When you lose a bet, it can make your feelings go wild, and in many cases, one loss will result in more losses. By mastering what we call a Go Bet mindset will prevent these feelings from getting strong. 

By building a strong Go Bet mentality, you will be able to use your betting knowledge better. In other words, the mindset is more important than knowledge. The best of the best when it comes to professional betting will make mistakes. Even if they lose a bet, they have their Go Bet mindset in place and can easily get back on their winning streak. A normal bettor will most likely be so emotionally affected, and because of the first losses, he will lose many more.

A big part of the Go Bet mindset is analyzing everything that will happen in the bet; logical, mathematical, and critical standpoints. You need to know how to look after negative variance and mistakes, correct these mistakes, and, most importantly, not be affected emotionally during the activity. This is what’s the Go Bet mindset is all about!


The Go Bet mindset involves several important factors when it comes to betting. You need to know how to take responsibility for your actions, results, and performance.

When it comes to taking responsibility, we don’t mean that you have to blame yourself every time things go wrong, but you can see that you are the only one that affected the outcome. If you’re a beginner or a professional, you will experience losses even if you make good bets, and this is all fine. In most cases, this will happen a lot to every bettor. After you lose a bet, look back and find out what you did wrong. That way, you can improve your Go Bet mindset!

It would help if you recognized the times you lose or have a negative expected value. This will help you get better and implement a stronger Go Bet mindset.

It’s never a good idea to get emotionally attached to betting. We have discussed it, but in the end, it will just make you lose more money. You can now grow your Go Bet mindset and avoid bets that don’t work for you in the future. Every mistake will get you one step closer to a professional bettor.

The next thing we want to cover when it comes to the Go Bet mentality is a risk. The best betts will mostly be found when the risk is high. For example, if you want to be betting on a horse that’s 20/1, you won’t win on this horse every time, but it is a high chance that you will be profitable over time!

The rules around the Go Bet mentality is pretty straightforward. Be able to embrace risk and know that you can lose Betts. Find out what betts are favorable for you.


To be a genuine mastermind in betting, one must adopt the Go Bet approach. Learning to adapt and grow is the number one key. This will not only help you when it comes to betting, but it will help in other activities as well.

When you adopt the Go Bet approach, you will not focus on others’ opinions and focus on your own performance. You’ll take full responsibility for your actions when it comes to good and bad betts. A Go Bet mastermind will use every failure to his advantage. Betting is a learning curve; test, learn, adapt.

It is critical to continue building up your abilities in any activity, particularly a serious one, for example, in this case sports betting. The fact is, there is no stagnation when you chase a Go Bet mindset, and on the down side that you are not developing, you are likely in a condition of decrease.


YOU have to make the difference, learn what works for you, and adapt. It’s crucial to improve if you want to bet professionally for a living.